Research Line 2

Research Line 2 – Production Optimization from Artificial Lift and Flow Assurance inside ESP (RL2) is coordinated by Professor Antonio Bannwart (FEM/UNICAMP). The main objective of this research line is to improve the performance of Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), considering the scenario of the Peregrino field.

To achieve this main goal, some activities were divided into five subprojects (SP):

  • SP1 – Characterization of the single and multiphase liquid-liquid flow inside ESP;
  • SP2 – Study of flow assurance problems inside ESP (improve efficiency, emulsion instabilities, inversion point);
  • SP3 – 1-D modeling of the characteristic curves of ESPs;
  • SP4 – Development of automation and control techniques for ESPs for efficient operation;
  • SP5 – Integrated simulation of reservoirs and production systems.